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Moving House

Our years of experience will guide you through the many pitfalls and help you with financial, mortgage and other problems. We give a well organised service at competitive rates.

Contact: Susan Holland or Katherine Cohoon

Matrimonial & Divorce

Always a worrying time and one where it pays to have a good and sympathetic lawyer working for you. Also when living together, we can help you to record your arrangements with your partner which can save a great deal of anxiety and expense if you decide to part.

Contact: Ann Devlin


We will advise you upon any accident, whether in a public place or at home, on the road or elsewhere including industrial accidents or illness resulting from your job. Let us pursue your claim, whilst you concentrate on recovering from the shock, distress and injury that any accident can cause.

Contact: Ann Devlin

Disputes & Litigation

Whether you are considering taking action or under a threat of proceedings, we will advise you on the best way forward.

Contact: Richard Hammond or Ann Devlin


We are skilled negotiators and can often gain a financial or other advantage for you in dealing with transactions on your behalf.

Wills & Probate

It is vital that you make a Will otherwise your wishes may not prevail. We consider the tax implications of your Estate and how to pass your assets on to the next generation paying as little tax as necessary. We are experienced in Probate where a high degree of skill and expertise is a tremendous advantage.

Contact: Richard Hammond or Susan Holland

Powers of Attorney

We prepare Powers of Attorney on an urgent basis and frequently manage clients' affairs whilst they are abroad or unable for some reason to do so themselves.

Contact: Richard Hammond or Susan Holland

Equestrian Matters

We have a great understanding of horses and the legal problems that can arise through ownership or use, both commercially and for pleasure. It is a great advantage to consult someone who has an intimate knowledge of these matters.

Contact: Richard Hammond or John Hammond

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